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Estée Lauder’s new Fall 2009 Collection is Sensuous Gold.  This collection is a beautiful range of golden shades, from warm golden to rose golden and deep amethyst and deep cinnamon with gold as well.

Click below to look closely at the collection

Rose Amethyst Palette


Rose Gold Palette


Both of these eye shadow palettes may look quite shimmery up close, but once you use the top layer, the shimmer is not quite as evident.

 Plum Amethyst and Rose Amethystcool-lipsticks

Cinnamon and Terracottawarm-lipsticks


3-in-1 Multi-shimmer Lip Gloss



Rose Gold and Black Amethyst Nail Polishnail-colors

 The absolutely gorgeous Gilded Rose Marbelized Shimmer Powder


 Pink Shimmer Signature 5-Color Shimmer Powder


Use for cheek or eyes for a soft highlighted shimmer.    Isn’t this a beautiful collection!