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Whether it is hormones or other causes, it seems as we get older those pesky hairs on our face begin to pop up more frequently. Annoying little buggers, aren’t they? It seems like facial hair will one day not be there and the next morning there is a stray 1/2″ long and you wonder where it came from?!  Or you may feel like you are constantly struggling to keep the hair above your lip under control and don’t have the funds or the desire to have laser hair removal.

Sally Hansen has a Creme Hair Removal Kit for the face that sells for $5.50 at most drugstores, one that will certainly fit your budget. You can get up to six days of smooth with no pain.  The cream dissolves hair below the skin’s surface for longer lasting results. This kit comes with two creams – one is the hair removal and the other is a lotion for moisturizing afterwards.  The removal cream has saw palmetto, willow herb and pumpkin seed extract to help reduce the appearance of hair re-growth.  The moisturizing cream has collagen and vitamin E to soothe the face afterwards.

How does it work?  It’s been four days and the first re-growth is just beginning to reappear. I had to keep the removal cream on my upper lip a bit longer than the rest of my face, so it was a bit more tender there immediately after. The moisturizing lotion definitely felt soothing and non-greasy on my face afterwards.  I do like how this works and will continue to use it in the future.

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