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I love the title “Clinic-to-Go”  I mean, think about it, getting what your dermatologist can do for you at the clinic, only now you can do it on the go!    People ask me all the time what skincare line I use, which can be pretty difficult to answer since I am testing many things at any given time.  But, there are a few staples in my beauty and skin care routine that I continue to use and buy over and over again.   A few of the items I’ve been using for years are from Kate Somerville, such as the Gentle Cleanser,  Quench, ExfoliKate and Micro Lactic Polisher. 

Micro Lactic Polisher is the more gentle version of the Micro Glycolic Polisher.  I use the Micro Lactic Polisher once a week.   It’s between a gel-like and watery consistency, you put it on a cotton pad and rub on your face and leave it for 2 minutes and then wash it off.  Now, they’ve kept the same great product (Micro Lactic Polisher) and put it on these to-go pads in Clinic-to-Go.   Just slip your fingers between the pad, peel off the top to reveal the product that is pre-measured and on the pad, rub on your face, leave it for a few mintues, wash off and “tah-dah” you have amazingly soft skin.  

Clinic-to-Go is different from the ExfoliKate in that it gets down deeper into the skin than just the surface dirt and dead skin.  It is recommended for people with acne scarring as well as fine lines, as it promotes cellular turnover.  The price of these pads are at a lower price point too, making them more affordable at $48 for a box of 16.  I like having my own little Kate Somerville Clinic in my house!