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Fabulous at Every Age Book

I’m on a book kick lately and although I haven’t checked out this new book from Harper’s Bazaar “Fabulous at Every Age”, it will definitely be on my to-do list while I have some time off from work this week.    I subscribe to Harper’s Bazaar and I like it better than many beauty/fashion magazines.   Why?  Because most of the fashion that is shown is actually wearable.   But the main reason for me, is that it’s for women of every age.    They have this great fashion section called “Fabulous at Every Age” and it shows great looks for each generation from the 20’s up to the 70’s.   How fabulous is that!  If you haven’t checked it out, I highly recommend you do.

Fabulous at Every Age

A few months back Harper’s Bazaar had a party to honor women that they selected as “Fabulous at Every Age” to coincide with their book release.    Elizabeth Hurley (age 44) along with Glenda Bailey, Editor in Chief of the magazine were there to honor these women for being simply fabulous!

The women chosen were:

  • 20’s  – Nicole Otero in the blue skirt
  • 30’s – Trinette Faint in yellow dress
  • 40’s – Kariza Chan in the red suit
  • 50’s – Valerie Duva in the pink skirt
  • 60’s – Mary Lou Stockwell in the black and white top

Congratulations to all the women for being “Fabulous”!