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There are a few people in the beauty world that I have always dreamed about meeting and having them work their magic-like talents on me.   Chris McMillan – would love to have him do my hair.  Rachel Zoe – a fashion icon that if I had all the money in the world would love to have her shop for me.  Pat McGrath – having her do my makeup would be a dream and even though she’s not real – Carrie Bradshaw to show me the way of beautiful shoes.   And then there is Anastasia to do my eyebrows.

My family has serious eyebrows.   By that I mean out of control and big.   I’ve mentioned before that Brooke Shields eyebrows had nothing on mine, but we also have this hereditary cowlick eyebrow as my niece calls it.   Not everyone has big brows that they can work into a great shape and as we age brows get thinner, grayer or just change in general.  Over plucking can change the look of your face as well.   Brows are huge – not as in big brows – but huge as in they make a major difference in your looks and really are as, if not more important than makeup.  I’ve given a written description on how to do brows, but Anastasia has some great brow products and kits to make it easier for you.

This video is a huge help in figuring out how to do your brows with her kit.   Watch and learn

“Beauty Express” brow-kitinstructional video from Anastasia Beverly Hills onVimeo.