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Eyebrows can change the look on your face so much.  My sisters and I recently had a good laugh at how frightening our eyebrows would look if we didn’t pluck, wax or generally groom them.   One of my sons was “blessed” with our family eyebrows, and I noticed last week his girlfriend plucking them to keep them under control.

But we all could use some expert advice on how to keep our eyebrows perfectly shaped and groomed.  Anastasia Soare, known as the “Brow Expert” that works with celebrities, and she has her own line of products as well, is one we can look to for that advice.   The brow kits are fabulous, with some of them offering varying shades of color, wax and highlighters.  Some of the kits have templates and instruction on how to get eyebrows that fit your face and I’ve talked about them before – click here to see.

Go to www.experteyes.com to check out tips and tricks and how to achieve a natural, glamorous look from Anastasia.   And while you’re there, sign up for a chance to win a trip to LA for a 2-day spa getaway for yourself and 3 of your friends.  Flights, transportation, hotel and spa treatments are all included in this great giveaway.