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I’m going to be traveling to New York later in the week and spending a few days there.   It’s been nearly one and a half years since I’ve been there.   I can’t believe it’s been that long, but sadly it has.  Of course I’ll be checking out the latest in beauty and skincare and reporting back to you when I return.  Now, lets keep our fingers crossed the weather still permits me to get there! 

But, the real reason I’m going to NYC is because Redbook magazine has asked me to be one of their “Beauty Experts” for an upcoming issue with their annual beauty awards!  I’ll be spending  the day testing, spraying, slathering, glossing, brushing, all kinds of beauty products to help the magazine come up with the best of the best.   FUN!

Another bit of exciting news is that Fab Over Forty will be in Ladies Home Journal in the March issue – soon to be on stands!  I was asked my favorite beauty products in certain categories they sent to me.   I sent a long list, and I’m not even sure if any of it will be published – I have to wait to see when it comes out on the stands.   But, when it does – I’ll post my whole list for all of you to read.  

2011 is turning out to be a fun and rewarding year for Fab Over Forty!