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I’ve had a rough few weeks.  If anyone who suffers from seasonal allergies, they probably know what I mean.  We can’t wait for that series of hard frosts, even though we may dread the winter.   Then early last week we had that freakish super-low pressure over the state of MN for a few days that caused over 60 mph winds (my hair looked like this too!).   Instead of getting the relief I hoped for, I got a double ear infection and a sore throat that just will not go away!    But enough about what ails me.

Whenever I don’t feel well, it is my skin that immediately takes a hit.   It seriously looks as dry as a skeleton.  There is no life in my skin whatsoever.  It’s all rather scary to me, and anyone who sees me!  Beyond the driest of dry.  well, you get the picture.  So I decided I needed to amp up my night time moisturizer and Estee Lauder Time Zone Night is what works like magic on my dry skin.

I questioned whether this would give my skin enough moisture because even though it’s a nice creamy texture, it’s not super heavy.  I shouldn’t have worried – I didn’t need a thick pasty moisturizer to bring the life back to my skin.  Time Zone Night is so moisturizing it’s like magic on my skin.   I applied a medium-thick layer on my face and neck and in the morning my skin was soft and moisturized without any stickiness or residue.   My deep wrinkles and dried out skin were hydrated and plumped immediately and after a few short days my skin was back to normal. 

If you have seriously dry skin or wrinkles that don’t seem to plump back up any longer, consider Time Zone Night by Estee Lauder.  You, too, may be as pleasantly surprised as I have been.