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Estee Lauder


It appears that hot coral and bright pink are the makeup colors of choice this season for the lips, and Estee Lauder’s Spring Collection Wild Fire is no exception to that trend.   I think what will set this collection apart from the pack is the eye shadow collection.   When I first saw the images of the eye shadow quint and singles, the vibrant shade looked quite blue to me.   So I went to check it out in person and the shade I thought was blue was actually a gorgeous violet shade.  This may be my favorite Tom Pecheux palette to date!

But, for now, I’m going to focus on the lip colors.   There are 4 new lipsticks and 4 new glosses in this limited edition collection created by Tom Pecheux and the Pure Color collections. 

The lip gloss shades are

  • Electric Pink
  • Electric Violet
  • Electric Cherry
  • Electric Coral

The new lipstick shades are

  • Wild Blossom – a soft pink and most subdued of the collection
  • Wild Coral – a bright red/orange that is more on the red side
  • Wild Fire – a bright orange/red that is more on the orange side
  • Wild Violet – a deep purple and the darkest, richest of the collection


The shades shown above from top are glosses Electric Pink; a sheer version of bubble gum pink, Electric Cherry; a bright reddish coral and the lipstick Wild Fire; a vibrant near orange shade.

In these photos Electric Pink is down and Electric Cherry gloss is standing next to Wild Fire lipstick.   As you can see here the Cherry gloss shade is similar looking to the Wild Fire lipstick shade.

Wild Fire lipstick

Electric Pink


Electric Cherry

Personally, I’m not always sure such vibrant shades are good on me.  I like the glosses the best for my personal taste, it gives me a chance to brighten my face with a brighter shade, but in a sheer manner.   It’s a nice compromise for me. 

Additional pieces to the line are a new nail color in Wild Storm, a liner in Untamed Violet, single shades of Sugar Cube and Untamed Violet and the 5 palette Wild Violet.  Also new to Estee Lauder which is not a limited edition is Sumptuous Extreme Lash Multiplying Volumizing Mascara.


The 3 lip products shown were sent to me by Estee Lauder