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My Estee Lauder Pure Color Night Collection from Tom Pecheux arrived early Saturday morning.   I have been anxiously awaiting the arrival and it is a collection that was definitely worth the wait.  I’ll be sharing several images of this with you.  After being told that it is sold out in the US I wouldn’t be surprised if pieces of this collection show up for bidding wars on eBay.  Not mine, I’m keeping this as it is simply fabulous!

Let me say, if this is what we have to look forward with the collaboration between Estee Lauder and Tom Pecheux, I think it will be a beautiful relationship that we will all benefit from!  To start with, the packaging on this line is a welcome updated look.   The midnight blue shade with the embossed signature EL is simply elegant, more modern and quite gorgeous.

The eye shadow trio shown above is called Naughty Black.   To me it’s a deep, dark brownish black plum more than a straight black.  The same shade is used in three different textures.   On the far left it is the heaviest of the shimmer, which is still not a lot of shimmer.  The middle texture is a soft shimmer and the far right is a matte texture.   What I really like about this is that you can use a light hand and make this a wearable by day shade or use a more intense application for a smoky eye for evening sexiness.

And how classy is this!   When you open up the Luminous Powder in a shade called Highlight, there is this gold toned engraved plate.

As I’ve mentioned before, the highlighting powders by Estee Lauder are some of my all-time favorites and this one doesn’t disappoint either.   A soft, very wearable netural shade with just the right amount of shimmer makes this a perfect piece to own.   The applicator it comes with is sponge tipped, not the usual brush.  This adds a bit of color, a hint of shimmer and the super soft texture makes it so easy to apply.  If you’re creating a deeper eye tone, you want to keep the cheeks and lips fairly neutral and soft.  And if you use this eye shadow with a light hand for daytime, using this powder on the cheeks keeps it neutral and soft, so it’s very wearable for either instance.

This lip gloss shade called Kiss Me matches my lips perfectly.  It gives them a creamy soft, non-sticky shimmer and shine.   Lovely.

Here are my eyes done with the Naughty Black shade in the far left shimmery texture.   I first applied a neutral beige all over the eye and then lined with a charcoal pencil liner – neither of which are part of this collection.   Then I took a light, fluffy brush and swept from the outer corner into the crease.   As you can see, it’s not as dark as it looks in the pan.

And here I am wearing the whole collection.  The only color (besides the beige base and charcoal liner) used is from this collection.   So Pure Color Night can definitely be worn by day as well.  Be sure to check out Best Things in Beauty as well.  She loves this collection just as much and has some great swatches she’s shared too.