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Are you wishing for summer like I am?   This has been THE LONGEST winter ever!   One way to get into the mood is the new release of the Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess Collection.   It will definitely get you in the mood with its rich bronze and summer tones.


This Bronze Goddess eye shadow palette includes 5 summery shades in both cool and warm tones, but mostly warm tones. 

The shades from left are a warm golden green, a light/medium bronze, a cool ocean blue, a warm golden rose, a golden russet rose and a silver.   I personally love all these shades with the exception of the blue.   I’m just not a blue shadow person and can’t wear that shade.   It also reminds me of blue from the 70’s that women our age need to be careful when wearing so we don’t fall into the blue shadow trap.  But overall, these are very wearable shades that you can create so many looks with.

This Shadow Duo Pencil is another piece in the Bronze Goddess collection.   One end is a golden bronze shade and the other end is a dark bronze shade. 


This is a creamy pencil that dries fairly quickly.  I noticed when I first applied it on my hand that the shades spread out when rubbed horizontally, but when I tried to spread it vertically, it wouldn’t spread.   So, when using this on the eye, you’ll have to spread it all over the area that you want covered vertically and then try and smooth it out by tapping with your fingertip or a flat brush to spread out.

The Sea Star Bronzing Blush and Matte Bronzer are beautiful as always!   All available at Estee Lauder counters now.