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Estee Lauder and Lancome Mascaras

I recently saw this Estee Lauder TurboLash mascara (on left) in a magazine, and it’s already sold out online. Then a few days later I saw this Lancome Oscillation mascara available for one day only type of thing, but you can get on a waiting list on their website.

I know their thought is to get every lash with motion of the wand. Make sure every tiny lash you never knew existed is coated in voluminous and lengthening mascara. I’m sure these are extremely popular being they have waiting lists and the such, but my first reaction when I saw these?

I laughed!

I tried envisioning myself applying mascara with a vibrating and/or oscillating wand near my ever worsening visioned eyes, and I couldn’t help but laugh! If you are over 40 – you know exactly what I’m talking about. Moving ever closer to the mirror in order to see without blurring, getting so close some days you wonder what your eyes will be like when you’re 65, and then – watch out! The sharp little ended tool with black cosmetics coming for your puny lashes!

I know if I tried either of these and someone were video taping the whole process, I would be sure to win the weekly edition of Funniest Home Videos. Maybe they’re great, and maybe you’re excited to try either of these, but I’ll leave them to the “youngins”.

What are your thoughts?

Estee Lauder – $30, Lancome $34.