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So many of you have been writing and asking when Dior will have their website up.   I know many of you are huge Dior Diva fans and want to take advantage of the points you’ve accumulated.

Well, it’s here!   The new, incredibly amazing Dior website! 

I’ve just spent more time “playing” on the site than I’d like to admit.  It’s just that fun, fresh, and beauty inspiring that you don’t want to quit!   You can learn techniques, like how to apply lipstick correctly, or how to apply and find your perfect foundation shade.  You can even upload a photo of yourself and a Dior Addict Ultra Gloss shade is suggested for you.

And don’t forget to enjoy the Playful World of Miss Dior Cherie (image at top). 

It’s like taking you back to your youth and playing dolls, but this is beauty for grown ups in a 3-D and technical world we never imagined when we were young.

You can also now purchase your beauty right on the site.  Right now, until November 16th Dior is offering Double Dior Diva Points for any online purchases!  You must register as an online member to get the double points and shipping is free with a $50 or more purchase. 

Dior, you made my day a beautiful one today!

Image from Dior website