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I find the Dior Spring 2011 Collectionto be quite irresistible this year.   The shades of everything in the collection are all so lovely and wearable, but today I’m going to concentrate on the nails.   Dark nails seem to be big this spring – with the coral and pink lips and greys and pinks in shadows, the dark, sultry nails take the sophistication up a notch.   The latest Dior Vernis collection is called Gris City and it’s available exclusively on Dior.com or the Dior Boutiques. 

The three new shades which represent Monsieur Dior’s beloved color of grey for the 3 capitals of fashion and luxury.  In the collection from left are: 

  • #797 Bond Street – a grey London fog infused with a touch of blue, urban chic.   This is my favorite shade of the three.   Am I too old to be obsessed with this grey/blue shade? 
  • #807 NY 57th – the legendary address of Dior’s New York boutique – which is a STUNNING boutique.   A metallic grey, the color of asphalt.
  • #707 Gris Montaigne – Sleek and elegant, the iconic color of the House of Dior. 

The Bond Street shade is such a beautiful blue that I envision a couture Dior gown in this shade.  It’s not navy, periwinkle or royal.  I simply am stumped for a name for the shade, but again, I LOVE this shade, and typically I’m not a blue shade of makeup type person.  NY 57th and Gris Montaigne look similar in color, except NY 57th has shimmer to it and is a touch deeper grey (the reflection of the shimmer makes it appear lighter in the photo than it actually is).  These are nice, substantial quality polishes, as all Dior polishes are – meaning they last, the formula is not runny or too thick, but just right. 


The brush shaft and brush changed recently.  It’s now a flatter, thinner shaft and the brush instead of round is flat and wider with the bristles graduating to a point in the center.   I like this newer shape – it makes application easier.  I would normally show you these on my nails, but as I explained earlier I’ve been trying to get my nails in shape after having gels removed.  Ugh.

If you are a darker nail polish lover, I highly recommend any of these shades.   Remember, these are a limited edition, so when they’re gone, they’re gone forever.  And don’t forget – you get Dior Diva points!

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