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Some of the most frequent comments or questions I receive are regarding the Dior Diva program.  If you buy any Dior beauty products, you MUST be a part of their Dior Diva program.  It’s free beauty and other goodies in your pocket!  Why wouldn’t you participate?

So I thought I would give a refresher on how the program works and what it’s all about, because if you aren’t a diva already, this is the type of diva you will want to become!

Go to Dior.com (I’ve made a direct link for you).  The page will look like this (the image will change over time) but  you will see at the top right side some options – click on the Dior Diva like I’ve shown you here.

Once you click that on, then register. You MUST register in order to be a Dior Diva.  If you’re hesitant to register then say goodbye and don’t take advantage of free perks (she says with snark). The nice thing is, you only get important emails from them like notices of free shipping, new product launches and the like – not useless, annoying ones that clutter your mailbox.

So, now you’ve registered and you have your purchase receipts.   Oh, did I mention that – NEVER throw away a Dior purchase receipt.  It can have other product on it too – they won’t diss you for buying “that other” brand, but you only get credit for the Dior makeup, skincare or fragrance purchases. These can be Dior purchases from online, Sephora, any department store and any Dior boutique. Ask the Dior beauty stylist for a pouch for you to put your receipts into – most times they have something specifically for you to store your receipts.

Within a year’s time – NOT necessarily a calendar year, but say today is the 1st day you buy Dior – save ALL your receipts for 1 year.  At the end of the year add up how much you’ve spent on Dior Beauty.  Yep, it may surprise you 🙂    Then go back to the website (link above), log in to your Dior Diva account, because remember you’ve already registered, right?!

Now there are a few additional steps here –

Choose which Diva level you are by what you’ve spent.  $1. is equal to 1 Diva point.  Dior Diva levels begin at 100 points.  Think about it – that’s fewer than 4 mascaras a year!   The levels go up to 5,000 points – you are the Dior worshiper and I personally worship you because I am SOOOO incredibly jealous of your free gift – curerntly a Dior evening clutch with deluxe miniatures of Dior beauty. Dior Diva rewards can change over time – so be sure to check what they are rewarding at the time you are ready to select.  Below I’ll show you the 250 Fashionista Diva and the 500 Charming Diva rewards.

Next go to PRINT THE REDEMPTION FORM and do just that – print off the form.  Fill out the lower half with your mailing info and be sure to select which Diva you are.  Mail the Redemption Form and your corresponding receipts off and in a few weeks (around a month give or take) you will receive your FREE Dior Diva goodies.

Currently, the FASHIONISTA DIVA reward is this:

The Little Dictionary of Fashion was written by Christian Dior in 1954. Go thru the alphabet with Christian Dior and learn about Accents to Zest and everything in between. You’ll also receive a miniature Dior J’Adore fragrance, a mini Dior Rouge lipstick and mini One Essential.

Currently the CHARMING DIVA reward is this:

A miniature Dior round box and a miniature Miss Dior fragrance.  The bracelet has 3 charms – a Dior shopping bag, square gift box and round gift box.

Like noted previously, the Diva Rewards can change from time to time, so be sure to read what you are choosing, depending on your dollar value and yes, you can mix and match.  Meaning, if you spent say $400 in a year’s time and don’t quite qualify for the 500 point reward, you can do a 100 and 250 reward.  It was suggested to me to fill them out separately and send in separately as keep it more clear and concise.

Are you a DIOR DIVA yet?