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Have you ever attended a Dior Custom Beauty Workshop?   If not, get yourself to one when Dior has a workshop at your local department store.  

What is a Dior Custom Beauty Workshop?  Well, twice a year Dior puts on their Custom Beauty Workshops for helping you to create a look specificially for you.  They hold them in the spring and fall and unlike “makeover events” when a makeup artist comes in for a day and they are jammed packed with people wanting to have a makeup artist do their makeup (you know the events, all lines have them), these Workshops are over several days and they book a longer period of time for you to work one-on-one with the artist without any rushing.

I recently met up with Timm (I also spoke a bit about him here) to discuss these workshops and to spend a little time with me one-on-one to help me create a polished day look, and to help me with some options on some of the Dior eye palettes I already have.  Timm was great and had some wonderful “Timm’s Tips” to share with all of you.


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I personally believe that one of the most important things is to have great skin.  If your skin isn’t in the best possible shape, then your makeup, no matter how hard you try, will not look great either.    Using proper skincare is truly important.   Timm started out with the Capture Totale skincare line on my face, using the Capture Totale Eye for my under eye area, and Capture Totale Multi-Perfecting Creme all over my face.  As I’ve mentioned before, I really like these products and I love the fact that they are not heavily perfumed, which only seems to irritate my sensitive skin anyway.

Sitting down with the makeup artist and being honest about what you want to accomplish is so important.   It helps them to understand what you’re willing to do in your daily routine and how they can help you to look your best.    I do spend more than 3 or 5 minutes putting on makeup each morning, but I wanted to create a neutral – polished – day look.  


Timm wanted to start out with their new Dior Nude foundation on me.  This comes in 2 formulas – the liquid and powder.   Being I am not a huge mineral powder foundation fan and more likely to use the liquid, he tried the liquid on me.  

I fell seriously in love with this foundation!    I have red areas on my face and can have a difficult time matching my face to my neck – one seems more pink and the other more yellow.   This foundation covered the red spots, matched my neck flawlessly and gave a beautiful coverage that was just luminous skin – without super shininess or too matte.  Perfect!

When Timm was applying the foundation he noticed I had “rolling” on my face.   What is “rolling” you ask (I know I asked!)?  It means that your foundation creates little balls on your face when you need to exfoliate.

  • Timm’s Tip – Make sure you exfoliate at least a few times a week to create a flawless application of your foundation.   Timm suggested using Dior Capture Totale Night Peel – apply at night after cleansing and before your serums and moisturizer.   Leave it on to let it work on exfoliating your skin while you sleep.

tx_f0148050301The eye shadow palette Incognito was a perfect choice for the neutral polished look I was going for.  It’s a wonderful mixture of neutral/warms/cools.  It was also voted InStyle magazine’s Best Beauty Buy for 2009. 

Next Timm lined my eyes with a plum shade of the creamy eye pencil, lining close to the lashes.

  • Timm’s Tip – your eye liner does not have to have a perfectly smooth line.   Once you line your eyes, go over the top with a small smudge brush to smooth out the line.


To give my eyes more definition without “gobs” of eyeliner – he took this liquid eyeliner extremely close to the lash line, going over the pencil liner only closer to the lashes. 






  • Timm’s Tip – when using liquid eyeliner, the key is to use several, very small strokes and it will look like one continuous line.
  • Also, if you have redness rimmed around your eye or looking for a way to brighten your eye, take a white or nude colored pencil and again small strokes along the rim of your eye.   A solid line is too harsh, but small strokes softens and brightens the eyes while looking natural.

Lastly on the eyes, he topped my eyelashes with the ever fabulous DiorShow mascara. 


Next he topped my cheeks and lips with the lip/cheek tint in this beautiful new limited edition compact.  

Made to look like one of  the iconic Dior handbags, it holds a lip/cheek tint and highlighter with a mirror on the other side.  The shade in this a winner for a neutral look.


When you go thru the workshop you get a Dior makeup bag with purchase to put all your purchases inside.   Also inside the bag is a notebook for taking notes to help you remember tips and what products were used if you want to try them out a bit before purchasing.

Check out your local department store to see when the next Dior Beauty Workshop will be so you can have your own customized look.   Thanks Timm!