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We are all aware of the favorite mascara Diorshow that has a cult following of epic proportions, but Dior cosmetics are so much more than mascara.  Recently I met with Mary Hendrickson, a company representative that taught me many things about Dior, the company and the man.

My family and I are major history buffs and I love a company that honors its history.  Dior is that such company steeped in history, and the gorgeous shades and beautiful packaging are nothing short of classic every season.   Fans of the line include Maggie Gyllenhaal and of course the famous spokesperson Sharon Stone to name a few.  The Holiday collection was so hot this year that it was sold out in many stores before the end of the season.  All the collections are derived from the Dior Couture runway.

Speaking of history, when Christian Dior wanted to start his own fashion house, he was on his way to meet with some financiers and found a coin with a cannage pattern lying on the sidewalk.   He kept that coin in his pocket and he felt it brought him luck, as he received the financing in order to start his company. The pattern is used throughout many of his products today, (like the handbag in the link above) so the rest they say, is history!  It’s a superstition of his that I’d say is best kept preserved.

He also loved the flower Lilly of the Valley and it was sewn in dresses for each spring and fall runway collection.  It was, and currently is in every Dior fragrance – more prominently in some than others.

See this new Diorshow Iconic mascara above?   If you look at the pattern of the brush you will notice it is an oblique pattern.  You may have to click on the photo to enlarge it to see the detail.  That oblique pattern was used in many of the Dior dresses in the 40’s and 50’s.  And look how it works today – a mascara that curls and lengthens lashes!

Capture Totale, part of their skincare line, helps with fighting all signs of aging.  It moisturizes, clarifys, lifts, firms and hydrates.    The Haute Nutrition is very rich and creamy.  The prominent Dr. Neil Sadick, a NYC dermatologist and cosmetic surgeon is a consultant with Dior on the Totale line.

Next time  you pick up beautiful Dior makeup, skin care or even sunglasses and handbags,  or a fabulous dress, remember the history behind the man and his company.