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Call me a sucker.   I wanted to like this new Diorshow 360 mascara, but for me it’s one of the worst mascaras I’ve ever tried.   And it’s expensive.  

Some mascaras vibrate – I thought that was gimmicky.   Then I tried them and actually liked them.  I thought this would be like one of those.   Not so.  You have to hold your hand steady at the base of your lashes and the brush actually rolls up along your lashes.   You can also reverse the roll direction to do the lower lashes.   The brush turns quite slowly.   All smart in theory, but not in execution.   The mascara just lumped and clumped my lashes more than any mascara I’ve ever tried. Huge lumps and clumps.  I even wiped off the product from the brush to get a more “manageable” amount on the brush, but it only helped a small bit.  I even tried around 5 different times to make it work.  I’m persistent that way.   My suggestion – buy Dior Extase instead.