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I shared with you a few days ago about the event I attended at my local Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis and several things I learned about fragrances from Roberto Ferreira, National Educator and Curator for CREED.   As one reader said if I may paraphrase, “it’s great to learn from someone so passionate about their craft”, and Roberto fit that to a “T”.  


The CREED factory is about an hour outside of Paris and employs 35 people.   They make their fragrances by hand, which would explain why one bottle may not be filled to the brim and the next one is.   Or that the CREED crest may be slightly crooked on the lid, or the label not perfectly applied.   It’s all done by hand – not machine. 

Another thing with CREED is they get the ingredients for their fragrances from all over the world and very little synthetic is ever used – only if need be.   They believe in making fragrances the way they were made years ago – by process of infusion, to get the ideal scent.  It’s a process in which it can take three months in order to create a fragrance.    Fragrance last longest and smells best when your skin isn’t freshly clean out of the shower.   It needs your body oils to adhere to, which is also why a fragrance will smell differently from person to person.  If you like a fragrance on your friend, it may smell completely different on you!  Test, test, test!

Creed Fragrance

In the 1990’s there were about 100 fragrances a year that came out from a variety of manufacturers.  Then everything became computerized and synthetic, and now over 1200 new fragrances a year come out!   (I believe it – as it would be mind boggling to you if you knew the PR I receive when every starlet from age 12 on up has their own fragrance!)

CREED has been creating fragrances for royalty for centuries which some of them are still produced today!  In more modern times they have created fragrances for celebrities such as Spring Flower for Audrey Hepburn.  That bottle stands out from all their other bottles in its bright pink shade.  And Fleurissimo was created after CREED was commissioned by Prince Rainier to create a fragrance for his marriage to Princess Grace.   It is their most popular selling wedding fragrance.

One thing I loved hearing from Roberto is that he personally doesn’t like to classify fragrances as women vs men (except with the possibility of Spring Flower!)   I know I don’t like overtly sweet fragrances and prefer many that might be classified as a men’s fragrance.  Now I don’t have to be so self-conscious for liking men’s fragrance on me!

When choosing a fragrance there are several things to consider.  Do you have oily or dry skin – scents react differently to that.  Also, what are your interests (or the person you may be buying for), as you probably don’t want something light and sweet and flowery if you are a really athletic type of person.    This is where CREED can specialize in finding you the perfect fragrance. 

Learning all of this from Roberto has truly put a new spin on my thoughts about fragrance.   Now I want to know more about which ones I like and how they are made etc.    Thank you Roberto for such a wonderful class and Neiman Marcus Minneapolis for hosting a classy event!