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I like a good “Beauty on a Budget” item as much as the next person.  I also like it when a budget beauty item goes above and beyond expectations.   That’s what I got with CoverGirl’s LipPerfection Lipcolor.

It’s just a lipstick – right?   Well, yes, and more.  I was asked to try this new CoverGirl lipstick formula and of all beauty budget items, the one product that I usually don’t like that’s in the budget lines are lipsticks.  They typically have a cheap scent and taste to them and don’t last very long.

The new LipPerfection formula is said to make your lips softer in 7 days.   Well, the lipstick does make your lips very soft and moisturized.  This creamy lipstick has another bonus – it stays put!   I put it on in the morning, had some yogurt and fruit after applying, had several glasses of water and 4 hours later – it was still on!   Not as full-fledged as the initial morning application, but a good amount was still showing.

So about that softer lips in 7 days.  CoverGirl LipPerfection is enriched with a silk moisturizing complex, which helps to retain the moisture in your lips to keep them soft and smooth.  Does it really?  It’s destined to – with ingredients like avocado, aloe and olive oils, shea butter and white tea and silk proteins.  Yes, it made my lips very soft and moisturized.  The lipstick comes in a number of shades – of which I’m sure you’ll find many can work for you.

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