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Remember the character Magda on “Something About Mary” with Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz? We can all laugh about that, but you’ve seen women just like her in real life. They’ve baked in the sun till their skin turns to leather and they look about 60 when they’re really 35. In fact, at work we used to have a FedEx delivery woman that looked like that, she would match her lipstick and fingernail polish to the orange FedEx logo to top off that dark brown leather skin!

My point here is this – don’t lie out in the sun, don’t go to a tanning booth as they’re just as bad, if not worse than lying in the sun. You too will end up looking like Magda if you do.

ClarinsTired of the white, pasty skin of winter you say? Well give this Clarins sunless tanning lotion a try. You’ll have all the benfits of the look of a suntan without the damage. This is easy to apply, doesn’t have the really strong stench that so many self tanners have, and because it’s so gradual, you don’t get all streaky.

Sun damage is the NUMBER ONE reason for aging skin. Sure, spend 10-15 minutes in the sun and get your vitamin D requirements, but don’t bake and ruin your beautiful skin.

I’m off for a few days, so my posts may be sporadic. I hope to come back with all kinds of new products to review.