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Chantecaille hasn’t been available for a very long time where I live and I had to purchase online.  Now it’s available at Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus.   I know Best Things in Beauty raves about Chantecaille and the few pieces I have tried, I love as well.  From the lipsticks, to the shadows and the Protection Naturelle, I’ve enjoyed them all. 

I especially like how the palettes are typically warm or cool toned coordinated.   Of course they would be as Sylvie Chantecaille, who started this eponymous line, also started Prescriptives many years ago.  We all remember how Prescriptives was tone-coordinated.  To me, I think of it as smarter choices when shopping for makeup – keeping it in the color family that works best with your skin tone. 

The Chantecaille Holiday Collection included this lovely palette Les Macarons, after the oh-so popular French Macaroons. 

This palette includes a dark plum shadow/liner, a shimmery pinkish neutral shadow, a pop of pink blush, a creamy highlighter in a pale rose tone and a lip gloss in a soft pink.    This truly is a palette that can take you from day to night.   Mandy, the lovely sa at Neiman Marcus in Minneapolis showed me how to get a few looks from this.

For day, you can create the look worn above by Alex Chantecaille, Sylvie’s beautiful daughter.  Wearing the plum shade with a light hand in the crease of the eye and more intensely as a liner, the shimmery shadow all over, the highlighter in the inner eye corner and top of cheek bones. the blush with a light hand on the cheeks and the soft pink gloss.

For evening you can punch it up by wearing the plum shade more heavily and create a deeper smoky eye.   You can either intensify the crease, or wear the plum shadow on the lid and go lighter as you go further up toward the brow.   Keep the highligter on the cheek with the blush lightly and soft lips.   It’s definitely a palette to work from day to night, and I’ve worn mine several times since purchasing it.   The shades are really so lovely, and the quality is perfection!

Les Macaron is a palette that can take you from winter to spring and that makes it more versatile than just holiday.   It’s still available online and at several NM stores.