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Well I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Chanel has released their newest formula in foundation called Vitalumière Aqua.   I wrote a few months back that they would be discontinuing Teint Innocence in the liquid formula (it’s already removed from their website) and replacing it with Vitalumière Aqua.   I think it sent Teint Innocence lovers into a tailspin!  

Now that I’ve given my Vitalumière Aqua a few weeks to determine if I like it or not, I’m ready to share some pros, cons and differences from the Teint Innocence.

We knew it would be different – otherwise why remove Teint Innocence from the lineup.  The Vitalumière Aqua is oil free like Teint Innocence, but it gives a completely different look in coverage.  Teint Innocence gave a sheer to light coverage and Vitalumière Aqua gives a light to medium coverage, but it blends in flawlessly.   BUT, there is a trick to making it blend in flawlessly, which I’ll share in a bit.

I know some people have gotten a few test samples to try and didn’t really like it.   My suggestion on that is if you are getting one of the Chanel pre-packaged samples to test like I did, you may think you don’t like it when trying it.  I know that was my first thought.   But, this new formula needs to be shaken very well before applying.  Rather difficult to do when a tester comes in a little packet.  So my suggestion is to knead the foundation in the package first before applying it, then you get a better sense of what this foundation is really like.

Another thing I discovered when applying this the first time is that it seemed to “streak” on my face when I applied it with a brush.  I used my Lancôme foundation brush – which is your typical looking foundation brush.  After applying it with the brush, to make it look flawless I had to tap it in with the pads of my fingers.   I wondered if this was all going to be worth the extra effort.   Once it was on, I did love the finish – it made my skin look soft, lasted all day and stayed looking nice all day.  Lovely!

The next day I used Vitalumière Aqua I tried a different foundation brush.   It’s a new one by Sonia Kashuk that I will show you tomorrow.   It made a remarkable difference on how this foundation went on the first time without any other “adjustments”.   Smooth as silk.   The 3rd time I used this I then applied it with my Chanel travel foundation brush that was in the Chanel Holiday brush set this past holiday season.  I love this little brush and wish it were available in a full size brush – it’s from the Eurpean Chanel brush collection, which is not available in the US.  YET!    I was leaked another Chanel secret today that they may be changing over the US Chanel brushes to the Eurpean version of brushes designed by Peter Phillips, Beauty Creative Director for Chanel.  I’ll let you know when I hear more!  Back to applying Vitalumière Aqua with this Chanel travel brush; it also applies flawlessly with this brush. 

Final thoughts – if you have separation or streak issues, make sure you definitely shake this foundation and use a brush for applying that is thicker than the typical makeup brush.  It makes a world of difference and gives your face a smooth, incredible look.  I think this foundation is wonderful if you have oilier skin and are looking for an oil-free foundation and it doesn’t settle into fine lines either.