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Do you know the story about Coco Chanel and Boy?   It’s said he was the love of her life and he supported Coco in her designing endeavors when no one else believed in her.  It was a love story that ended way too early with his death in a car crash.  It was another event in her life that drove her to work harder and with a determination like never before.

A few weeks back I told you about some exciting new pieces in the Chanel line that weren’t yet available. Well, now you can get your hands on the newest lipstick formula – Rouge Coco Shine, and it’s available only in the shade “Boy” exclusive to Nordstrom, before the whole collection becomes available in April 2011.

This new formula of Rouge Coco Shine comes in a smaller tube, is very sheer and extremely moisturizing.  I am going to LOVE when this whole collection comes out!   But first a little about the only shade available now (at Nordstrom) called Boy.  

If you look at the top two images, it really appears darker than what it actually is.   Unfortunately I didn’t have my good camera with me, and well, you know how department store lighting is!   The bottom photo of the lipstick swatched on the back of my hand – that is a pretty true example of the shade.   It’s a very sheer peachy pink that hints more toward the peachy nude side more so than the pink side, but there is some pink in it.  

This is perfect for an every day type of look if you want to look casual but polished, and it would be perfect to use on top of a lipstick instead of a gloss.   Almost like a balm, this is one of those great lipsticks that if you will love if are not a fan of gloss, but like the sheerness and moisturizing of a gloss, just not the stickiness that comes with glosses at times.  

Again, Boy is a limited edition shade that is available February 10th at Nordstrom and the whole collection of Rouge Coco Shine shades will not be available until April.   Call your local Nordstrom to reserve yours, or 952-883-2121 and they will be happy to reserve one for you and send it out come Feb. 10th.   They are $30 each.