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Always a fan of Chanel glosses, I was anxious to try out the new Rouge Allure Estrait De Gloss when they arrived at the counters.  You can count on the quality of Chanel products to be superb and these are as well.  However, the term “long wear” may be pushing it, they are full-on gloss with serious shine.   These are thicker than the Glossimers, but not the least bit tacky or sticky in texture.

You can see in the closeup that the tip of the sponge applicator is almost triangular in shape.   It actually helps to get a good, defined application without messing up.   The case is sleek, all black and very Chanel.

The shade above is #58 Émoi


This shade is #51 Insouciance

The top shade Émoi, is coming across a bit more red than it really is.  This shade is really for wearing alone, and gives my lips a pretty pink punch of color.    The bottom shade Insouciance is great to wear alone if you are doing a smoky eye, or going for a very nude, natural look.   It can also be worn on top of a lip pencil or lipstick for a bit more depth.   For me, it’s a great one to wear alone to give my lips a bit of polished glamour. 

The color selection isn’t a large one, at least not yet.  I hope they do add to the collection because it is well worth it.

Images by Chanel and me