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When Chanel came out with Inimitable mascara a few years back, everyone raved.   I disliked it.   It just really did nothing at all for my lashes.   I didn’t get volume and I didn’t get a great amount of length.   I personally know some people who used it and it looked great on their lashes, but for some reason not me.

So when a Chanel sales associate asked me if I wanted to try Inimatable Noir Obscur, I said no – don’t bother.   But she gave me one of the mini samples anyway.   Then last week I thought I’d give it a try.   It says it’s the same formula, just more intense black shade.  

This newer version is a “wow” of an alternative.   It gave me much more volume than the original, length was great – not the most length I’ve ever gotten out of mascara, but certainly noticeable.  And the color is definitely intense black.

I’m so glad the sa put the mini sample in my bag.   I’m sure it’s one I’ll buy when I run out of my current stock of mascaras.