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Chanel’s latest on the beauty counters now is a collection of eye shadow duos, liners and colored mascaras called Inimitable Intense.  I got a close up look at the new line the other day while at Bloomingdales at MOA.  I think these are the best shadow duos I’ve seen anywhere in a very long time.   The textures are wonderful and the colors are beautiful!

The set includes 6 duo shadows and on the left side of the duo is a soft satin texture shadow which is so soft it’s almost creamy. On the right side is a sheer shimmery shade that isn’t too shimmery.   The duos are wonderfully coordinated, so there’s no worry that you couldn’t wear the two shades together.

A closeup of Taupe/Delicate.

Also included in the line are 4 creamy, yet waterproof liners.   The shades are:

  • Gris – a bluish charcoal grey
  • Espresso – a nice medium dark brown
  • Celadon – a pretty olive green
  • Black Shimmer – pretty self explanatory

There are also 4 Inimitable mascaras with a few new colors.

  • Noir (black)
  • Brun (brown)
  • Rouge Noir (aubergine/berry)
  • Purple

Heather applied the Misty/Soft shades on my eyes with the Gris liner.  Beautiful!  The shadow duo was one I HAD to purchase!  I highly recommend checking out Inimitable Intense – I’m sure there will be a shadow duo you fall in love with too!

Top photo Chanel, the rest are mine.