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I’m certainly enjoying holiday beauty items this year!   Chanel has some wonderful gift sets and this travel brush set is no execption.  This set was designed from the personal set of makeup brushes that Peter Phillips, Chanel makeup Creative Director owns. 

The Powder/Blush brush is a nicely shaped brush that fits the curves and contours of the face.   The Foundation brush is one of the best foundation brushes I’ve ever used.   Why?  Because there’s a thickness to it that most don’t have.   Either because of that, and/or the shape and type of bristles used, you don’t end up with the streakiness all over the face that many foundation brushes can leave.  The remaining brushes have very thin handles, and I thought would make application difficult.  But I didn’t find that to be true.   The Eyeshadow brush, when I first saw it I thought the head of it would be too small to use properly.   I was surprised to find that it worked better and covered more area than what I figured it would.   I spreads the eyeshadow very nicely.

The Angled Lip brush was surprising to me that it was a lip brush.   I thought it was a contour eye shadow brush.  It could actually be used for either purpose.   I used it this weekend as the angled eye shadow brush and not the lip brush.   The Angled Eyebrow brush has stiff, but not plastic feeling bristles.  The Contour Shadow brush is great for lining eyes or getting color intensified on the outer corner.

One side of the zip pouch has pockets for the brushes on the opposite side is another interior zipped pocket to hold some of your color makeup compacts.  

Like all holiday items – once they’re gone, they’re gone!