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“A woman doesn’t sweat, she glistens” as the saying goes…


OK lets face it – there’s nothing pretty about sweating – or glistening, unless you intentionally put a glistening shimmer on your face.   But seriously, who wants to ruin their beautiful look by having pit stains!  Not me.

I had been using Secret Clinical as I had heard great things about it.   It worked OK, but I hated the white film it left on my skin and never fail, on my clothes.  It’s so annoying!   And then I noticed all my blouses started getting the dreaded yellowed “pit stains”.  GROSS!   I never had that happen before, and then I read in Martha Stewart magazine that the yellowing is not actually from sweating but from the antipersperant itself staining your clothes.    So no more using Secret Clinical.

Now I’ve been using this Certain Dri in the solid formula and it works great.  For those that need extra protection, they have a professional strength roll-on.  There is not a trace of whiteness on my skin or clothes, and no discoloration of my clothing either.   That alone is worth the few dollars it costs in not having ruined clothes.  And in this 90 degree high humid heat, it keeps me dry and that’s for Certain!