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“Can You Get Hooked on Lip Balm?” is not actually just about lip balms.  It’s about all those beauty products we use and have questions about – such as “Does this really work?” type of questions, and they investigate the ingredients and tell us the truth if the claims are true.

There’s a chapter on hair products, and no Pantene shampoo and conditioner will not make your hair fall out as rumor claims.  Well, I could have answered that one because I’ve used it for years. But they break it down into what some of the ingredients can do and where and why rumors like that started.  So it’s not just a boring factual book – they take the facts and make them interesting to read and throw in some humor along the way.

Hair, skin, makeup, fragrance and scandals of the beauty industry are all discussed.   Some of the biggest worries in cosmetics and skin care are the preservatives that are in them.  Many feel they are harmful and they only purchase products that are paraben free and preservative-free.   Bottom line on that one is that the small amount of preservatives used can outweigh the harm from using products that have gone bad from no preservatives and the amount is so minuscule that it would take large amounts to get cancer from them.

Oh, and the question on lip balm?   The answer is yes, depending on the ingredients used in the lip balm, they can be addictive.  Enjoy!