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le Métier de Beauté is a luxury line that I have not talked about before, but one I love none the less.  They have a few bronzers to choose from that I want to share with you today.  


First up is this Blonzer.   It’s touted as the perfect combination of bronzer/blush.   When I first looked at this Blonzer, I thought no way would that work for my fair skin.   It’s actually much darker than the shade comes across here, it has a slight shimmer and is deep toned.   However, it works on my skin tone.  It’s not golden- but more rich, and this would look great on darker skin as well.  $58.00


Erika from Makeup Bag gave me this Blushed Bronze Duet just because she’s so super nice.   Thank you Erika!  This duo is one side blush in the shade Echo Radiance, and the other side bronzer in the shade Sun Kissed.  $65.00  The blush is more coral looking than the bright pink it comes across as in the photo, and the Sun Kissed Shade is a beautiful, light golden shimmer shade.   This duet is very nice on fair skin – a perfect combination.


They also have a single bronzer for $55.00 available in two shades.   One shade is the Sun Kissed, talked about above, and the other shade is a deeper shade for darker skin tones called Sun Drenched. 

The variety of bronzers are a nice sheer powder option, with a choice of shades to work well with any skin tone.  Available at Neiman Marcus or le Metier de Beaute online.