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Bobbi Brown’s new Rich Color Lip Glosses are on the counters now and you’ll want to make a trip just to see them!   

The fact that they FINALLY have a sponge applicator and not the short, stubbly, brush that fans out totally makes me jump for joy as everyone in the world has complained about the brush.  Or at least every beauty junkie I know.   These truly are glorious lip glosses!  And like the name says the colors are rich, and I think of it as full-bodied color for a gloss.   They last longer than the average Bobbi Brown gloss and are super shiny and moisturizing.   They aren’t as sticky as some of the old glosses too.

I don’t know if eventually all the glosses will have the sponge applicator or just these new ones.   As Rachel, the makeup artist at my local Nordstrom says, she likes the brush – you can get every drop of gloss out of the tube unlike with a sponge applicator.  

Well, for now I just bask in the loveliness of the Pink Raspberry and Ruby Red shades that looked great on me, and enjoy the sponge.