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I love a good beauty book and have a collection of them from Bobbi Brown. Here latest book Pretty Powerful is the newest one to add to my beauty book collection. Bobbi’s books are always more than about just they typical how-to on makeup.  Although I do love a good how-to and you get some of that in Pretty Powerful, it’s mostly about being true to yourself and embracing who you are.

The book is broken down into six basic “looks” of

  • Pretty Natural
  • Pretty Radiant
  • Pretty Strong
  • Pretty Classic
  • Pretty Authentic
  • Pretty Bold

Bobbi defines these looks and what type of woman fits into that personality and look and teaches us how to recognize what we are and how to enhance that look.  Of course, Bobbi is not only about the makeup. She’s about being fit, being healthy from the inside and being comfortable with who you are and your life.  I think these are things that as we age we learn to become more comfortable with. We tend to feel more comfortable in our own skin, settled into our lives a bit more and generally happy with who we are. Bobbi gets that and with Pretty Powerful shows us how we can look beautiful too.