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Have you gone through life, or at least several busy years of it, not paying attention to what your body needs?   Is your body internally screaming for attention – the kind that grabs you by the shoulders, sits you down and says “STOP”!   Stress and how we treat ourselves on the inside can determine how we look on the outside.  Author Helen Noble helps us to realize that we deserve a life that treats our bodies well and in doing so keeps us young.   She offers suggestions on how to be mindful of all of this in her new book called Being Simply Beautiful

Helen Noble



“When you take care of yourself inside and out, you become a role model for other women.   Leading by example is the best way to make your contribution to others” – Helen Noble




I know I am guilty of trying to accomplish too many things,  trying to be the best at whatever I do, not being mindful enough of what my body is trying to tell me, never saying “no” and it has started to take its toll.   In fact, this summer my physician “ordered” me to learn how to relax and do meditation.   This book is like having that person, but without the “orders” and demands, teaching us to simplify our lives – learn how to listen to what our bodies are trying to tell us and enjoy what life has to offer.  

Helen has written Being Simply Beautiful in a manner that is entertaining, educating, gives you those “aha!” moments and really makes you realize what you might have been missing out on life if you aren’t mindful of what your body is telling you.   For example the other day when I was reading the chapter about skin care and Helen explains how you should apply moisturizer to your face daily.   No, I don’t mean how you should just use it because it moisturizes your skin, but how to apply it to your face so you can maintain the elasticity in your skin keeping you younger looking, and how to do a lymphatic drain and the benefits of doing so.  She educates us on menopause, exercise, meditation and so much more.

Being Simply Beautiful is available December 1.   I highly recommend this if you want to educate yourself in a simple and entertaining way and keep your life simply beautiful.