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Guest post by Melanie Kasper

With all that said about inner beauty yesterday, we all could use some external beauty support to enhance our features, right?!  I try to use as many natural and clean makeup products as possible. Like most women, I am constantly experimenting.

My current list of products include:

Larenim Face Powders
Mineral Fusion Blotting Tissues
Bare Escentuals: Blush, Bronzer, Radiance, Eye Shadow Primers and Shadows
Dr. Hauschka Lipstick
Trish McEvoy Lash Curling Mascara
YSL Waterproof Eyeliner

Working with makeup artist Timm Holmly in this series, I was inquiring about ways to make my eyes look bright and awake. Also, one of my biggest challenges is having dark circles under my eyes, so brightening and camouflaging those without looking caked with concealer.   Here are some beauty tips Timm shared:

Eyeliner: A great trick for doing a natural eyeliner for day is a technique known as “tight lining”. This technique is achived by taking a waterproof eyeliner pencil or a cake liner and lining your top lashes from underneath right along the waterline at the base of your upper lashes. It’s effect fills in your lash line from the bottom giving you the perfect amount of definition.  Add a coat of mascara on the top lashes, and the bottom if you like, then you are ready to go. For evening, you can add liner to the top of the lash line for a more dramatic look.  You’ll instantly double your top line without using a thicker line, because you’ve lined the top lashes from the top and the bottom.  Take a little dark shadow and sweep a little underneath your lower lashes for a smokier look. The top lash line should always be defined because it gives you a lifting effect.

Shadow Placement:  For a natural day look, you can simply sweep a little natural colored eye shadow on your eyelid up to your orbital bone. Something with a little “radiance”, instead of something matte or shimmery, just so you get a little light bounce whenever you blink or look down, which is going to make your eyes look brighter. If you want more definition, take a slightly darker color and sweep on to the orbital bone instead of the crease. This will open your eye up even more.

For evening, staring at the lash line, sweep a darker color upwards on the lower lid. Next, take a slightly light color from the middle of the lid to the orbital bone for contouring. Use a lighter color underneath the brow bone and at the inside corner of the eye for highlighting. This technique will give you a “smokier” look for evening. This is an especially great technique if your eyes are hooded. It will help to push the hood back for the illusion of a bigger eye.

Eyebrows: ALWAYS fill in your eyebrows.  The brows are the frame for your face. It makes such a huge difference.  You can use an eye shadow or a powder eyebrow pencil the color of the medium or darker tones of your hair for a natural look.  Using a brow brush, comb through your brows after you’ve applied color to soften them.

Highlighting:  Highlighting is the easiest way to brighten your face.  You can use a light lighting pen under and over your brow, on the inner corner of your under eye area in lieu of a concealer. You can also use this on the top of your cheekbones, down the center of your nose, and in your nasal folds or the ( ) around our mouth.  This will help to brighten your face without adding a lot of glow.

My other challenge is that being a “natural” girl I don’t like to use foundations, or the heavy feeling of foundations, so I tend to stick to loose powders and sometimes tinted moisturizers.  Besides, I am often working as a personal trainer and am very active. Foundation has not been a good fit for me.  So what is a girl to do for those special occasions when you want to look a bit more “glammed up”, but don’t want to feel “made up”? Timm introduced me to Dior’s BB cream. Pretty cool stuff – it is sort of in between a tinted moisturizer and a foundation. A little goes a long way! I like that it evens my skin tone, doesn’t feel heavy, and doesn’t end up caked in my fab over 40 smile and laugh lines, making those look not so fab.


Photo: Naomi Chokr Photography
Melanie Kasper is cofounder of Dream Day Essentials and founder of Society Wellness
Timm Holmly is a Minneapolis Makeup Artist who can be reached by Timm(at)timmholmly(dot) com