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Eye Tech


Recently, several beauty bloggers had a discussion about a good makeup line that was an inexpensive alternative to department store brands.   One of those inexpensive brands that continually popped up in the conversation was Milani.    Now I admit, I had never heard of Milani before.   It’s available at Target, Walgreens, CVS and many other drug stores, but for some reason it’s not at my neighborhood Targets or Walgreens and there isn’t a CVS nearby me, so I don’t head over to one regularly but I will now!    I hope you have Milani at a drugstore near you, because it is definitely worth a look.

Take this Eye Tech liquid eye liner for example.  Liquid eye liners are not like they were 20+ years ago, now they are much more easy to use.  And for women over 40, detailing your upper eye with a liner is important to make your eyes pop.   I already had Giorgio Armani and le Metier de Beaute pen liquid liners and wondered how this would compare.  See below for my results:

105 (640x425)

All three liners are easy to use.   The Milani one is a smaller and thicker pen style, the le Metier de Beaute one is the thinnest and the Armani and le Metier are both about the same in pen length.    All three colors shown above are in black.  

On top is the Milani Eye Tech for $6.99.   It goes on smooth and easy and is an intense black with a slight shine/brightness to it.  When rubbed after a few hours it didn’t budge, smudge or move – it still looked the same as when I put it on.

The middle one is the le Metier de Beaute Precision Liquid Eye Liner for $42.  This black is much more toned down in color, and after a bit I noticed that the liner seemed to creep into the fine lines. When rubbed a few hours after application, it nearly came off completely.

The bottom one is the Giorgio Armani Beauty Liquid Eyeliner for $30.   It’s about the same intensity as the Milani brand, but more matte.   It has nice staying power and doesn’t creep into fine lines.   

I’d say the Milani Eye Tech for $6.99 is the way to go!    What an incredible savings and really the best product of the three.