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Beauty on a Budget – or not? A few weeks ago I mentioned that I had read Target was getting three new “designer” makeup lines, but they were nowhere to be found around here. Well, a few days later they did show up and I decided to do some investigating.

First up is the line called Pixi. It’s by Swedish makeup artist Petra Strand. Her philosophy is to have makeup help you look more refreshed, more you, only better.

My observation on the line is it looks very youthful – not a bad thing, but just not my thing. Brights, pastels, not much for neutrals in the eyeshadows. There is a very large assortment of palettes like these shown here (above) – 8 colors in the set. It is a nice assortment of product in the line.

The second in the series of new products is the JK Jemma Kidd line. Jemma is a British makeup artist, former model, product designer and has a makeup academy in London. She is very young, in her 20’s and seems to have a great thing going. She also has a higher end product line at Neimans, and let me tell you – the sales associate at NM in Vegas was quite shocked when I asked her how she felt about the JK line at Target and had no idea what I was talking about!

JK line is all about catwalk glamour. The eyeshadows (shown above) are beautiful neutral colors and a few very vivid, electric colored shadows as well. Almost all the shadows have subtle to prominent shimmer. The product line runs the whole gamut from shadows, lipsticks, glosses, etc. I was, however, not impressed with the brushes. Too cheap feeling.

The last of the three new collections is NP Set by Napolean Perdis. Napolean is an Aussie with a flair for modern glamour in his line. A creative use of color, while keeping it natural. His product colors also seem more wearable for the “over 40 set” as the shadows are more neutral and earthy toned. Some of the products in the line are geared toward correcting with makeup, such as the color veil. This line also has a travel set of brushes which I found to not be very good quality either.

So here’s my dilemma with all three artist collections, bottom line they are very expensive for Target shopping. The products I have shown here – Pixi palette is $28! The JK shadows are $17 individually, lipsticks $18, palette $36. The NP Set foundation shown here (above) is a whopping $30! Seriously? I thought I was shopping at Target – not Nordies or Saks or NM.

I’m not saying these are not quality products. They appear to be very good quality. But I always thought that with the designer lines that Target has – such as Isaac Mizrahi for clothing – I was getting a designer style and look for a Target budget. It seems to be a marketing conundrum to me.

Take this cute little tiny blush stick by NP Set, it’s $18. Compare it to the original, and my favorite makeup designer line at Target, Sonia Kashuk’s blush in nearly the exact same size that is only $7.99. Now to me, that is beauty on a budget – a great quality product, by a great makeup artist at a budget price that I expect at Target – not Neimans. (and Sonia’s brushes are super quality to boot.)