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Beauty on a Budget

This week’s Beauty on a Budget is about body lotions. I’ve talked to you about my die hard, work horse daily lotion, it’s doctor recommended for eczema and just very dry skin overall.

Quenching Body Lotion

But every now and again I just want to put something a little more luxurious on my skin. Body lotions and creams can be so expensive, and lovely as they are, sometimes I just don’t want to spend the money on a body lotion – I’d much rather save my hard earned dollars for say a nice serum or face moisturizer or even a beautiful makeup color palette.

So one day when shopping and checking out the Boots and Botanics line at Target, I tested this Botanics Quenching Body Lotion. The lotion is light and silky creamy and moisturizes up to 12 hours. It has honey for softening and ginseng for anti-oxident properties and the scent is nice as well. One of the other great parts of this – it’s only $7.99. Not $20 or even $45 or more for some comparable body lotions, but only $7.99

The Botanics line was created in consultation with the Royal Botanic Gardens at Kew, London specializing in scientific expertise and study of plant extracts. Keeping in line with the Botanics philosophy of what you use on your face and body should be as healthy and natural as possible.