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This fall CVS is celebrating Beauty Then and Now.  Their Beauty Forecast for Fall 2013 booklet is out on the shelves now and it’s a great way to see what new is out in beauty, but it also is fun to look through and recall all the “Then” beauty.  One of the images on the cover of the book is of a woman with rollers in her hair and hair clips to hold them in place.  Wow did that bring memories rushing back! When I was a little girl Saturday night was always “curler night” and we’d wear these uncomfortable things in our hair overnight trying to get sleep being poked and prodded in the head with hopes that when we’d wake up our hair would be beautiful for church.  Too funny!

CVS Beauty Forecast

Not only have we gone from uncomfortable, prickly rollers to modern day curling irons and rods our other beauty routines have advanced tremendously, too. And we don’t have to spend a fortune – it’s all available at many price points.

Remember when Ponds Cold Cream was THE skincare? Now we have Ponds BB+ Cream with skincare advances that include dark spot reduction, SPF, luminous coverage. We have brands now like Nuance by Salma Hayek with BB Creams too, made with many natural ingredients. Lumene has Complete Rewind Recover Day Cream SPF 15 for visible wrinkle reduction for face and neck.  All of these are a far cry from the old cold cream of the past.

CVS Beauty Then and Now

The word “facial serum” or “filler” were never part of our vocabulary growing up. Now Lumene has Complete Rewind Visible Wrinkle Eraser an instant filler for wrinkle smoothing and Vichy has LiftActiv Retinol HA Concentrate – also a wrinkle filler treatment. And the CVS  brand has a new accelerated wrinkle repair serum.  Which makes me think – did we even know the word retinol back then? Such advancements!

When we used to say “crayons” we thought of those primary colors and the box of 64. Now the word crayons means makeup like CoverGirl’s new Flamed Out shadow pencil/crayons.  Or Sally Hansen nail polish called Fuzzy Coat in blues, yellows, greens – we’re no longer relegated to red or nude nails. They’ve become more creative and fun!

Our lipsticks are no longer one dimensional either. We have glosses, matte, sheer, creamy coverage lipsticks and balms like Revlon ColorBurst Lip Butter.  And remember when our fragrance of choice was something like Charlie? Now we have celebrities touting fragrances like the Lady Gaga Fame.

I think we’re so lucky to live in a time of scientific breakthroughs and advances in skincare and beauty that is available to us at all price points from drugstores like CVS. We don’t have to spend a fortune to keep our beauty in the “Now”. And don’t forget that CVS Beauty Club – for every $50 spent you get $5 ExtraBucks Rewards.