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It’s this time of year that I have a difficult time with – I want sun and warmth!   I need color!  I am tired of cold and winter!  I am as pasty as a piece of gnocchi.  It’s dreadful.

Most times in the year I do not mind being fair skinned, it’s what I am, but come March and April my skin is in dire need of color.   DO NOT – I repeat – DO NOT go to a tanning booth!   It’s skin cancer and aging all wrapped up in one waiting to get you.   So bring on the sunless tanning creams and lotions!

Beautisol may be my new favorite self-tanner.   What makes this so special?  Well a few things.  The biggest thing you’ll notice is no nasty smell!  You know the one – that chemical smell that you can detect on someone 15 feet away.   You won’t get that with Beautisol. They say 80% less smell – I say it’s more, because nothing in this smelled nasty.  This also does not turn you orange, but instead a nice warm brown shade. There are no parabens and it has anti-aging and anti-oxidant ingredients in it as well.   The face self-tanner comes in different formulas depending on your skin needs and the body self-tanner comes in a few different desired shades.

How does it work?  Well, on the face you just need a tiny bit as it spreads easily.  The first time I used it I had too much and had to tissue some off.  But even then it came out looking like I spent a week at Côte d’Azur.  It’s very lightweight and didn’t clog my pores either.  The body self-tanner goes on with a light bronze shade so you know where you’ve applied it and it dries quickly.  My “tan” lasted a good 3 days without any additional application.

As always, it’s best to exfoliate before using.  I like to use my Clarisonic on the face and a body scrub as well.  If you have a Clarisonic Pro for the body use that beforehand too.  It prevents dark patches and unevenness.

Non stinky, great color, skin-saving – what more could a pasty girl want?

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