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I recently had the opportunity to ask Barneys New York Beauty Guru, Jason Ascher about beauty products for women over 40.   Jason has every fabulous brand imaginable at his fingertips through Barneys department store and here’s what he had to say about products for women over 40.

Jason, with access to a variety of brands and products that we all envy, what top 5 products should every woman over 40 have in her makeup bag and why?   Every woman should have a natural-looking concealer for touch-ups under the eyes and around the nose and mouth.  I’m partial to liquid brush-on pens, like Sensai, Chanel ProLumiere and Clarins both for texture and convenience.

A neutral pink blush, in cream or powder for a healthy pop of color on the apples of the cheeks.   Armani #6 and #10, NARS Maui, Vincent Longo Morning Tender.

A single natural looking eye shadow, matte or luminous, to brighten lids and diffuse ruddiness; Armani Maestro #2, Chantecaille Sesame or Shell, Bobbi Brown Shell or Champagne. 

A fresh, pink lip color; sheer, gloss or lipstick.   Something not too far from your own lip color; NARS Falbala or Stolen Kisses Gloss, Chanel Aqualumiere in Barbados, Armani Sheer #10, Hourglass Fresco, Chantecaille Tea Rose, YSL Plumping Gloss #3.

A great mascara.  (Totally subjective!) But I like Sensai 38 Degree, Bobbi Brown Defining Lash, Shu Uemura Basic

A facial hydrating water to refresh and dew up a finished makeup application.   Choose one with an invigorating or relaxing essence like Shu Uemura Peppermint, Jurlique Rosewater, Amala Cocoa Bean, Intelligent Nutrients Facial Spray.

Do you have any tips for eyeshadow application for women that now have not-so-firm eye lids?   Shadows for less-than-taut lids should be minimal, neutral and light;  YSL Water Resistant cream shadow #1 or any of the eye shadows I mentioned previously. 

Achieve definition from a thin, tight liner along  the upper lash line with a smudge-resistant pencil such as By Terry Blackstar liner or a cream liner like Shiseido or Cle de Peau, which can be applied above the upper lash line or into the lash line from underneath the lashes by pushing the brush upward and “stamping” on.   Finish with mascara.

Women over 40 can lose volume in their lips.   Is  there a particular lip plumper you like to help with that or any tricks for the illusion of fuller lips? I’ve never seen a product “plump” lips, though a few are adept at softening finer lines and refining the lip texture.   I love Shiseido Future Solutions Eye & Lip cream; a rich matte finish treatment for both areas.  Avoid bright or shimmery lip colors, opting for sheer neutral pinks (talked about above) and a pink/brown liner to define like NARS Papua or Chanel Nude.

Are there any makeup application tips that can de-emphasize a sagging jawline? A sagging jawline can be given the illusion of definition with a few sweeps of matte bronzer in a neutral shade like Bobbi Brown Natural or Chantecaille Capri under the chin and along the underside of the jawline.  Avoid overly “terracotta” or orangey shades.

Any tips or suggestions for applying eyeliner?   A rule of thumb for liner; pencil, cream or powder, whatever you find easiest.  ALWAYS above, above and below if you like both, but NEVER just below as it drags the eye down.  If you can’t achieve a thin, even line above your upper lash-line, a flat brush with some cream liner can be pushed upward into the upper lash-line for a hidden pop of definition.

What should women keep in their office desks to keep fresh looking throughout the day?   The items I suggested in the first question goes for the desk drawer as well, with the addition of facial cleansing wipes, blotting papers and some moisturizer.

Do you feel there are any products what women over 40 should avoid?  Women over 40 and perhaps over 30, should probably avoid powder foundations (yes, even Mineral!), very frosty/shimmery lip colors, matte finish or “longwear” lip colors and sparkly/metallic or very colored shadows.  They don’t have to be matte, but subtle, luminous ones are great.

If someone wants to make an appointment with you, how can they do that and what can they expect during the appointment?  I offer a personal shopping experience for cosmetics, skincare & fragrance in a private studio, where I cull the best products from each line here at Barneys New York, based on the client’s needs and open up a dialogue as to how she envisions her own beauty and personal style.   We do an application for daytime, take it into evening if necessary and I chart the items and techniques used.

Appointments with me can be made at Barneys New York from 11-6, Tuesday – Saturday or Monday – Friday, dependant on my Bridal bookings by calling 212-833-2782, usually at least one week in advance.   There is no fee for my services, other than the cost of the products purchased.   I have many clients that I’ve never met in person, for whom I shop based on phone and email conversations, sometimes photos, sending items to their homes and offices.   I always waive shipping for orders over $100.

Thank you Jason for your wonderful suggestions on keeping us fabulous!

*All items mentioned are available by calling Jason.   Not all items are available online.