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I can always find an excuse to add another lip color to my collection of 438,921 existing lip colors.   Just kidding on the quantity – but then again, maybe not – please don’t judge a beauty fanatic!

But if you want to satisfy your “Beauty on a Budget” pocketbook needs with your deep desires for getting a new lip color to add to your repertoire, look no further than Avon to satisfy you on both counts.



The lightest formula in the 3 new lip products is this Ultra Color Rich Extra Plump Lipstick.   This sheer formula is almost like a tinted balm.  It’s super moisturizing and in the center it’s filled with all kinds of things to plump your lips and leave them tingly.   It’s very refreshing and super wearable, and at $8.00 refreshing on the pocketbook too.




The second lip product is this ingenious SpectraColor.    It’s like “spin the wheel” for lip color, only you get to choose where the peg lands between 1 – 7 for intensity.  There are 2 tubes inside with two different shades of lip color.   You can turn the dial on the bottom to choose the intensity of the color you want that day or that swipe of your lips.   On the top are numerous little holes that the color comes out of – so the texture is almost like a cross between a gloss and a full fledged lipstick.  Super moisturizing, and super addicting.   I was showing everyone at work this great little product and they were impressed.  I’m impressed with the price as well.  Right now it’s $7.99, normally $9.50.


avonThis last product is the Pro 3-in-1 Lip Wand.   It’s not available until July, so keep a lookout for it.  On one end is the lip pencil, creamy smooth so application is easy.   Then on the other end at the way bottom pull out a small lipstick, this is almost like a travel size lipstick.   Again, super moisturizing and creamy.   Then lastly, top your lips with the shiny gloss in the same tone as the lipstick and pencil – they all coordinate/match.   You can certainly use this in several ways – lip liner and gloss, lipstick alone, liner and lipstick… well you get the picture.

To locate an e-representative go to www.avon.com