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Le Metier de Beaute Femme Fatale

The newest limited edition kaleidoscope eye palette from Le Metier de Beaute is called Femme Fatale.  As typical with LMDB their eye shadow palettes are color combinations that one wouldn’t think of on a normal basis. But magically they work, and they always seem to work beautifully.  In this case the shades in the palette are (top to bottom) Oyster, a satin shimmer; Sapphire, a deep, deep blue; Autumn Rust, a rustic topaz brown; Matte Plum, an eye popping purple.

So how can the shades be worn?  Well, you can be safe and wear one or two at a time.  But LMDB did not create safe.  They created daring. Daring, but in a very non-daring look, if that makes any sense.  See, their shadows (and all their colors for that matter) are very finely milled so they blend beautifully.  More silky and smooth than most any eye shadows you may ever try. Just today I was wearing a kaleidoscope from a previous season and got a couple compliments on my eye look – and I wore all 4 shades. Because of their silkiness and finely milled texture, it makes blending and layering the shades incredibly easy and you can get countless looks from the palette – making the $95 price a bit more bearable.

Femme Fatale is available until April 28th only or until all gone at their website only, so get while the getting is good.