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Are you ready to add a touch of beauty to your home?  These flowers are the 3rd of the senses to pique my (our) interests.   Instead of actual touch – it’s the figurative of the word touch this time.   There’s actually nothing more wonderful than to add nature to the inside of your home -especially in the dreary, winter days.

The flowers represent some of the elements in the new Degree Women Natureffects line, with olive leaf, orange flower, honeysuckle and tea tree oil.   The new Natureffects line was designed by world-renowned fragrance expert Ann Gottlieb – “the nose” behind some of the most successful and prestigious fragrances.  I can finally divulge to you what are some of the scent combinations in the products:

  • Honeysuckle & Tea Tree Oil
  • Olive Leaf & Pink Pepper
  • Orange Flower & Cranberry

These lovely 3 scents will have a retail price of only $3.99 for body mist and deoderant. 

A survey by Degree Women found that 88% of those being surveyed agreed that bringing nature into their homes lowers stress and makes them happier.   I’m going to add that I think the same applies for bringing nature into your office too – because isn’t that where we spend most hours of the day anyway?   I know all these elements of the new Degree Women line is really making me anxious to give them a try!  How about you?