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Since a celebrity’s fortune depends on their image appeal, it is no wonder they pull out all the stops when it comes to keeping that image looking young and vibrant as. Some of their beauty secrets might surprise you, because despite all the resources at their disposal, they have discovered that sometimes the simple solutions are the best.

Courtney Cox Arquette: Budokon and the Blood Type Diet


(photo credit: fanpop)

This former ‘Friends’ actress has taken Budokon philosophies to heart to keep her mind and body youthful, and has adapted a regular meditation practice in conjunction with learning martial arts. Budokon emphasizes a lifestyle that incorporates yoga practices into all aspects of daily life, from diet to sleep to exercise.

She also uses the Blood Type Diet to assure she is eating the right foods for her body. Mrs Cox Arquette also plays tennis to develop coordination and build up stamina.

Daniel Craig: Circuit Training and Weights


 (photo credit: El-Buskador)

Actor and dreamboat Daniel Craig developed a killer circuit training routine to prepare for the one-in-a-lifetime role as James Bond prompted  his high fat-burning workout focused on  weights, boxing and running as a way to build muscle and burn fat much more effectively than a standard cardio workout. He also maintained a balanced healthy diet that eliminated any starchy carbohydrates after dark, but did include an alcoholic drink or two on the weekends to keep things in perspective.

Madonna:  Diet and Dance

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Madonna has made it no secret that what she leaves out of her diet is as important as what she allows in. No processed food, alcohol, caffeine or dairy passes the Material Girl’s lips, but she does push a high volume of spring water, lean protein, grains, organic fruit and veggies every day. Madonna keeps in shape for those demanding dance routines by using a Hybrid Body Reformer, a pulley system workout machine that lets you control how much you bulk up your muscles.

Jamie Lee Curtis:  Pilates and No Alcohol, Sugar or Flour


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Jamie Lee Curtis found that after kicking alcohol out of her life for good, she began to pack on the pounds, which sent her cholesterol and blood pressure through the roof. Thus began a healthy diet, free of sugar, white flour, cereals and breads. She uses portion control to make sure she doesn’t over-indulge, and says that a simple Pilates workout seems to be effective at keeping her in shape.

Johnny Depp: Blue Eyeglasses


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Johnny Depp apparently has a secret that does not require so much willpower avoid over-eating. Although he has a healthy diet rich in proteins and fresh fruit, his real secret is rumored to be the eyeglasses he wears everywhere –except on the set, of course — that have a blue tint to the lenses. Supposedly this blue tinge suppresses his appetite by increasing the serotonin levels in his brain and inhibiting the desire to binge. This could also account for his chronic charming smile, which would be a natural result of seeing the world through blue.