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Several years back while in Vegas for business I took some time to run to Neiman’s to check out some beauty that I didn’t have access to here in MN.   One of the lines that caught my eye was 29 C0smetics.   Unfortunately the woman at the counter didn’t know much about the line as she didn’t work the line and they had just received the line in so there wasn’t much knowledge about it overall.   The one thing she did tell me is that it was owned by someone in the Mondavi family (as in the Mondavi Winery) and that a lot of natural ingredients were used.   It was a time that I would say was just the beginning of the natural ingredient surge.    The colors were lovely and I debated about picking up a few pieces, but what I truly wanted was more info – what set this line apart from everyone else?

Jump forward several years and I received an email about 29 Cosmetics and I was thrilled because now was my chance to actually talk to someone about the line!  As I mentioned, it’s created by a Mondavi, Lydia Mondavi to be exact.   And if you’ve ever been to California wine country you know that Highway 29 runs directly through the beautiful terrain, hence the inspiration behind 29 Cosmetics’ name.

A quote from Lydia Mondavi about her ideal 29 woman:

The 29 woman is elegant, represents a state of mind…She cares for her skin, and knows that in order to maintain youthfulness she must nourish the skin while protecting it from the harms of everyday living.   The 29 woman embraces life and understands that Knowledge is Beautiful.™

Grape seed extract is a concentrated form of anti-oxidant, a main ingredient used in all of 29 products.  It’s a natural ingredient known for the  protection against pollutants and free radicals.  You get the benefits of beauty and skincare in one.   And we all know that’s an important part of keeping our fabulous over 40 skin looking youthful!

A couple products were sent to me for testing and as I suspected several years ago, these are very lovely products.   On top is the Napa Glow Bronzer in Napa Terroir.  It’s a light medium to medium shade bronzer that is very silky in texture and highly pigmented.   There is also an ever so slightly amount of shimmer that hints at the term “glow”.   If you don’t like shimmer in your bronzer, you need not be afraid of this as it is very discreet.

The Preserves Hint of Honey Lip Therapy is very moisturizing and protects the lips with SPF 20.  It doesn’t show well in the photo I have here, but its a very interesting product to look at.  It’s an interesting shade – almost yellow/white but there are many shimmery particles that appear to be floating to give it a beautiful iridescence.   When you apply it on your lips it goes on without color, but adds a beautiful shimmer to the lips.   You could wear this alone if you just like a balm or under or on top of a lipstick.  If applying it on top you’ll get that shimmery glossy look to your lips without that sticky gloss feeling.

I am now more than ever impressed with the line and I’m sure I will be adding many more pieces of the collection to my beauty repertoire as Lydia Mondavi is right – beauty and natural skin care are a wonderful combination.