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On Grace

Do you remember when you were about to turn 40? I do, and like Grace in the book On Grace, I was actually excited to turn 40. But then when Grace is about to turn 40, many things in her life turned it upside down.  Sound like real life? We all know that by the time we’ve turned 40 life’s not all a bed of roses and in On Grace, she soon discovers her life is not what she thought it would be or what she planned it to be.  But then we can’t always plan what happens in our lives – illnesses, infidelities and job losses are the realities in many of our lives, but can we handle it with grace as Grace was always taught to do because of her name?  How would you and have you handled these life situations when unexpectedly thrown at you and in a very short period of time.

On Grace is a great summer read that can make you mad, inspired and hopeful all at once, because this is what turning 40 is all about.