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How many times have you had your umbrella flip upwards in a downpour or have one of the ribs break or bend and cause your umbrella to be left in a caddywhompus position leaving your hair wrecked and clothes soaked?

I have discovered the perfect solution to this issue with the GustBuster 43 inch “metro” umbrella. No more umbrella failure resulting in a “bad hair day”…no more pinched fingers from opening and closing an umbrella with an inferior design. This glides open easily with one hand and this dome shaped rain shield withstands 55 mile per hour winds, which I have put to the test, and it still manages to hold its shape and keep you dry. I have had umbrellas in the past that even allowed rain to leak through; but this is never a concern when you carry the GustBuster.

GustBusters are available in a wide array of amazing colors and in many different sizes ranging from 43″ – 68″ styles. I find that the 43” version is perfect for me and can be easily tucked in my handbag whenever it’s threatening rain. Because I have a husband and three sons who have “borrowed” my umbrellas in the past, I chose pink and none of them have gone anywhere near it!

Imagine the envious glances you will get whenever you are surrounded by others who are sopping wet and you are dry as champagne after being protected by your GustBuster!

The larger designs are perfect for golfers and some have curved handles but they are all wind and water resistant and a must for anyone living in a rainy climate. They don’t bleed and won’t fade so you can carry them for a lifetime.

You can order these highly effective and user friendly umbrellas at www.Amazon.com and they range in price but start at around $ 30.00