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As with most of you, the kids have a special place in my heart. I’ve been blessed with a healthy family and like to help out great organizations that help kids and their families in a variety of ways. This holiday season (and all year round) consider these organizations that benefit the kids. Here are some of my favorites.


Special Spaces

Special Spaces.  There are chapters throughout the US and what they do is make over a bedroom for a child with a life-threatening illness. Many kids need a place that is a safe-haven for them and their bedroom is that special place. The organization works with local hospitals to find a family that is in need of having their child’s bedroom made over – whether it includes making room for needed medical necessities and equipment or just a dream place for the child to spend time not worrying or thinking about their illness.  These room makeovers are funded by donations of money and/or time. Once a room is carefully planned out, supplies and materials are purchased and volunteers work over a day or possibly two to totally transform the room. The look on the kid’s faces are priceless.

Callies Coffee

Callies Coffee – Yes, there is a Callie and that is her pictured above. She’s an amazing little girl with wisdom beyond her years. She’s my cousin’s granddaughter, too. She lost a friend, Ben, to cancer and wanted to do something so no other children or their families would suffer like her friend Ben. She came up with the idea to sell coffee to raise money for the cause and Callies Coffee was born.

Callies Coffee delivery

The coffee is organic and they ship all over the US. I recently bought several bags of coffee as gifts for my friends when we had girls weekend and it was a hit! 100% of the profits go to the Ben Towne Foundation, for pediatric cancer research.

St. Jude

My suggestions of giving to the kids would not be complete without mentioning St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. A little over a year ago I had the amazing opportunity from Lancome to spend a few days at St. Jude. You can read about my time there here. I learned so much about the incredible work they do for the families and no family pays for anything while at St. Jude. We toured the apartments and living facilities for the kids and their families, the hospital and learned about the research and treatments and best of all we got to meet some of the kids.  I’ll never forget little 5 year old Mae (she did a commercial last year with Jennifer Aniston) and Mae’s mom. They spoke to us of their struggles and triumphs and what St. Jude means to them and how they never could have given their daughter what she needed without St. Jude and Mae was a riot entertaining us all through the meeting! I oftentimes wonder how Mae and her family are doing.