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Clipa is a tiny device about the size of a bangle bracelet that unlatches and attaches to surfaces to keep your handbag bacteria free and safe from water and dirt. Many of us invest a lot in our handbags and they need to be protected. There are SO many places to use this gadget that the possibilities are too numerous to name. While I won’t say that I’m phobic about germs, I will say that I have a healthy respect for “things that cling” and I want my purse safely off the ground.

I have entered many bathroom stalls that were not equipped with a hook for your handbag and this is the perfect solution! Simply attach your Clipa to the top of the stall door and you have an instant way to keep your handbag off the floor.

Good Morning America recently did a story on the types of germs that were found after swabbing the bottoms of women’s handbags. While we won’t discuss the findings; let’s suffice it to say that this solution is simple, inexpensive, and extremely clever.

Clipa 1

They can be used to hang your purse on a restaurant table or chair, shopping cart, stroller, or the back of the theater chair in front of you to keep it visible and safe from theft; anywhere that you need to keep your handbag, briefcase, satchel or diaper bag off the ground.

Clipas come in an array of finishes ranging from silver to gold and even offer the option to personalize them by adding a Swarovski colored crystal of your own choice. They range in price from $ 25.00 to $ 45.00, making them reasonably affordable.

Clipas are made in the USA and the company offers free shipping with any $ 25.00 purchase.